My Story…. The quick version!

November 11, 2011 at 7:20 pm (Uncategorized)

It has been 2 and a half year’s since I’ve blogged!  (I’m not sure I even know my old login for my blogspot.)  I have been feeling out of touch lately, so here we are!  Another blog…….  Everyone I talk to about when I’m creating a blog says; Who is your target?  Who are you trying to communicate with?  The answer is:  Anyone that wants to get to know me.  Truth is; being a Realtor is so much of who I am and my friends/family are my clients.  So my intention is to bring together my professional life with my personal life.  So welcome! 

A little about me:

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City with my little sister Amy, primarily on the “west side”.  Went to West Kearns Elementary, Kearns Jr. High and Kearns High.  (Don’t mess.)  Most of my friends call me “Shelly”.  My sister and I were very fortunate to be raised by a single mom that encouraged us to fight for our dreams & goals, despite the financial hardships.  I was painfully shy and always worried what people thought about me.  (Even cut my face out of pictures!!!!  What??)  I really hate how hard those years are for so many of us.  If you make it out of high school alive, you’re lucky!!  😉    I was able to participate in cheer, dance co. and drill team that led me to meeting some of my best friends in the whole world.  They really helped pull me out of my shell!  (Thank you mom, for not allowing me to try out for the KJH mascot, lol.)

After high school, I got married really young and had a beautiful daughter at the age of 21.  May not seem that young for the average Utahn, but it was for me!  I wasn’t done going to school or just done growing up yet!  But she was coming whether I liked it or not.  When Kylee was born, I became a different person.  Suddenly my dreams and goals became real, I needed to figure out how we were going to provide for this child!  When Kylee was 6 months old, I decided to get my real estate license to bring in some “additional income” to offset my full time job at Sundance.  (Little did I know I’d fall in love and make it a career.) 

During that time, my little sister was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, a childrens’s cancer that developed in her liver that had also moved to her lungs.  My whole world got turned upside down!!!  My best friend, blood sister, my everything could be taken away from me.  Amy is 3 years younger than me, but boy, she was so wise and I learned so much from that experience.  She took it on and fought with everything she had.  After 2 years of the battle, Amy passed away in October of 2007.  (I talk about this not to get a pity party, but for everyone to understand what that experience taught me and how I grow from it every day.)  During her sickness, she was so determined to raise awareness for cancer and really influenced A LOT of people during those 2 years.  Although I miss her terribly, I’m very grateful to have been there by her side.  I’ve grown stronger and really asked myself what I need to do to be happy.  Life is too short, right?

Throughout that experience, I realized I was not happy in the marriage I was in.  We were such good friends before the marriage and kids part!  Justin and I got a divorce, but given the circumstances, I’m proud of the way we’ve partnered and and have made the best of the situation.  He will always be one of my best friends and one of the very few who really know me.  Shortly after we seperated, I found Jason.  First date, I seriously fell in love.  And vice versa I think…..  We’ve been together for 5 years now and have a 2 year old boy together.  (Tucker aka – Tuck Bug)   My little sweetie!  Jason is a wonderful father to both Kylee & Tuck, an even better husband and provider.  He has been there for me through so much and truly is my best friend.  

2012 is the year I turn 30 and I’ve got some serious goals I want to accomplish!   So with transparency, I invite you into my world. And in a weird kind of way, I think Amy would want me to spread the love and stop being such a victim.  This year, I promise to come out of my shell, show my love and help some people along the way.  I’m sorry for being out of touch.

“If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me. Not the me that others want me to be, but the real, genuine, authentic me.” Kevin Hall  (Love it!)


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